Love at first sight.


A Dancing soul
Passed me by
Waved at someone
And vanished in the air

Moment felt paused
When my eyes met her’s
Instant love at first sight
Was perhaps from my side

Buzzing street
Misty night
What can I say
Just love at first sight

Her curly locks
Sliding down her face
What beauty she was
I stood there all the way

Just a glimpse
And the magic was in the air
What can I say
Just love at first sight

She noticed me
Perhaps not

I may have imagined things
That weren’t even there

She stood there for someone
Perhaps a lover

It wasn’t me
But I was truly in love at her first sight!!


Thirsty for love.


Thirsty for love
She looked here and there

One step further
And she paused

Hunger emerged painfully
But she stood there carefully

Wind blowing through her hair
Her eyes closed waiting for someone to care

A bit empty she was
A bit hollow perhaps

Her face had a story
And eyes so melancholy

Like the deep oceans of hurt
Like the deep rivers of blood

Flowing through the dark shadows
Even at night

Wrapped up in her arms
She was scared

So cold
So pale

But her quiet lips spoke
Tragedy of the days

When her heart was taken away
By the ruthlessness of them

She learn to hate
Blackness was enough

But even then she remained
Thirsty for love

A Pouring heart

Under the state of nowhere
At times, I find myself writing

Violent thoughts and
Happy ones

Flows of words matter not
It’s my heart pouring out

Pen stops
And I wait

For a reason to go on
For my existence to carry on

I am empty
And sometimes so shallow

Like the cup that seems full
Yet it’s not

Vague feelings
And when it’s hard to make out things

I remember to pause
And listen

Because it’s all there in the heart
I just need to hold and
Think hard.

..And I followed my heart..

A lonely road I walked,
They were standing there but didn’t talk.

As if silence spoke to me,
And there was nothing left for me.

Words didn’t say a word,
Even silence couldn’t be heard.

I crossed my way,
To unlock a new day.

Knowing the Journey would be hard,
And their wouldn’t be any trump cards.

Cold and hunger grabbed my soul,
Made me feel as if I’d lose my goal.

Faith shook my hand,
When I was drowning under the sand.

Prayers kept me running,
When everything seemed cunning.

The nightfall brought me peace,
But this heart still won’t ease.

It strived for freedom,
Perhaps needed someone.

It said to me many times,
That I want to shine,

Break the rules,
And leave behind all the fools.

The whisper of my heart,
Was an important part,

It made me realize,
That I should follow my heart.


let it go…


They say time is a bandage
It heals those rusty-wounds,
But why do you cry my love
When he’s there; just look up.

The tear around your eyes,
Tells me a story,
And I know you worry.

Our thoughts are buried beneath the mountain of pain,
And they drive us insane.

They stab our heart,
And we bleed and fall apart.

We cry all night,
But believe me everything’s going to be alright.

Sadness is flown in the form of tears,
Hands shaking with fear,
And it’s hard to bear.

Soon we realize
Life isn’t a gloom
And there will be a time when we shall bloom.

Forget the past
Because the sky is vast,

Take a step forward
And leave what’s backward.

You’ll be like the one amongst many
With problems so many,

Until you follow the lesson of time,
Kick those problems and climb.

Remember, letting go of the worries
Invites the world full of fairies,
Because life isn’t a waste
It’s just different flavors that we taste ……

A cherry blossom tree…


Under cherry blossom tree
I found myself glee,
Waiting for the petals to lift up with breeze
And let my eyes cool with ease.

Under this tree,
I found myself free,

Free of the time,
Singing melody and rhymes.

They passed me by,
Quiet but smiled.

Because under cherry blossom tree,
They could see,
The sparkles in my eyes,
Laughter and no cries.

They felt it too;
The energy under you
Was extraordinary and true.

Memories played on
As I sat and sang along.

The music in my heart
That I’d never want to part.

The good old days,
When I’d sit on a bay.

I’d remember everything
Piece by piece,

Thinking about wonders of my life,
As if I’ve settled for my types.

Oh it’s true I was lost,
Sometimes to the flashes known
And sometimes unknown.

I sat for hours,
Healing my scars.

Because it’s absolutely true
Under cherry blossom tree
I found a key
Unlocking my hidden glee. 😀


A lonesome soul.


I was slapped by loneliness
Oh so cruel
Looking for affection
I lost my way,

I found it in none
Neither in them
Nor you,

All my way
I was alone
Thirsty and cold
And no one to hold,

Tears falling
And I was calling

Calling someone by my side
To look at me and
Take my hand.

This feeling of emptiness remained
And I was lost all over again

Heart felt shaken and
Suddenly I found myself broken

Into pieces so small
That the winds carried me further
To a place I knew neither

Where hopes were encouraged
And all burdens were taken away

Where tears expressed feelings
And all they do is healing

It was a place oh so wonderful
Besides it Nothing can be more beautiful

There was something in that place
That made me lose

All the hurt
All the aches
And say goodbye to the nasty pain

And then I realized
I found it all

All the happiness
And all the joy

It was right there
In one prostrate.