Project 2: Painting; U.A.E – Culture and development.

Project 2:  U.A.E – Culture and development. This was again done for my sisters class. Her topic was social studies so i came up with this idea. This was around 54 inch chart on which i first sketched out the idea and then painted using water and acrylic paints. #Painting # waterpaints #acrylicpaints.  

Arts & Craft Project: Classroom Activity

So i was given this project to do by my sister who is a primary teacher and apparently she was given a classroom activity to do for the coming year as summer theme. Well now since she has zero art skills 😛 so i was obliged to help her decorate her class for the coming…

Painting: scenery

So i decided to do freehand painting today. Very simple and plain. However, I thought of going a little vibrant with water paints, using purples and blues & pinks.. hope you like it. 🙂 #WaterPaints #Rookiepainter #Fun #nature

Illusion of false reality.

Along the worldly attachments, With hearts so black, Difficult it becomes to bring life on track Sadly it’s the faith we lack. If only here-after was our goal We would have the purest of soul Life would be better & whole But what takes us away, Do we realize? It’s our paradise we jeopardize Don’t…