I was fallen for the mystery in her
And I lost my mind in a stir

There was something in her air
That I couldn’t stop myself to stare

The way her hands moved
Playing music in the groove

And the way she’d look
When I’d read a book

And the way she’d smile
Talking all the little while

But why did I fall for you
When we had chances so few

I couldn’t undo the hour
I couldn’t imagine you being far

I couldn’t erase this feeling
As if my heart was already stolen

So why did I fall for you
When we had chances so few…


How I lost Jane…


Up the mountain hill
I look up still
Hoping to catch your glance
Though I remember that tragic circumstance

The morning hour
And with our school being so far
We managed to stick together
You promised our friendship would last forever

We’d open our lunch boxes
During the break
You’d have variety
And my favorite, steak

We shared a strong bond
Of you I was familiar and fond

Now the change makes me blue
You knew I had friends so few

So come back to me, Jane
Your friend is going insane
Look I can’t even explain

Now my days are grey
Funny it is I still pray
Though I am lost and astray

Jane , can you still see?
My face has lost its glee
I still sit under our favorite tree

I know I can’t heal
It’s the agony that I feel
After all I am a human
Not a robot made of steel

But now am getting feeble
And my life has become unstable
Don’t say make new friends
I can’t; I am not able

And the day of the crash
In my mind is still so fresh
That I can barely hold
Now I am cold

Let me just end this here
Because my eyes are wet in tears

I’ll miss you Jane
I know i wont see you again….

Rhythm of love

Looking at you;

                I saw freedom
                For years I’ve been caged in my kingdom
                Suddenly I wanted to steal you away & run
                Would you wait for me & come?
 But the boundaries;

                Were such
                That our closure was tough
                All I could think of was your touch
 It was like;       

                A dream
                For so long I have screamed
                Bottled up my emotions away from the beam
                We had a chemistry, it seemed

And when you came;

                Things started to feel different
                I was alive & you were brilliant.
 But was it; 

                To look for pieces of me in your fate 
                And acting on my impulses in haste                                                       
 And they say;

                I will regret
                That rainy day; the kiss; I can’t forget.           
 So let me embrace;

                You in my arms
                If I kiss you again, don't be alarmed
 Because it doesn’t matter;

                What comes next
                I know its complex 
 But being with you;

                I found salvation
                It was not an ordinary relation...         


…and i still wonder.

We were lovers; 

               On the beach
               Eating oranges and peach
               In each others arms and reach
So what went wrong;

               That you stopped holding my hand
               Going to the beach or playing with sand
               And moved to another land

But do you know;

               I am still your lover
               I blossomed with you like a flower 
               But you took her to see Eiffel tower

And I cried; 

               That night
               It was an awful sight
               But I remembered when you held my hand tight

So what went wrong;

               That I've become a sad song
               Yet its been so long
               Now am asking myself where I belong

But do you still care;

               I guess I don't know
               Why you went so low?
               Because of you I've lost my glow

So will I ever know;

               That what went wrong
               now i am tired & not strong
               But you'll stay in my heart lifelong....

A Painters dream


I was captured in a portrait
Painted by you
With colors of life
That you gave me through

They looked at me with there deceitful eyes
But they couldn’t hear my screaming cries

Incomplete, yet you hung me on top
If only you could hear, please stop

The paint brushes were dry
I saw my master cry

The agitating lines on his forehead
And the silence in the room, so sad

I stared at him until dawn
Every night he’d sing a song

I wondered who she was
What was the reason and the cause

Of the difference in his smile
It looked like he’d walked a thousand miles

The melody called for someone
But every night it was none

Just our company
Canvas , paintbrushes & me

Perhaps I was your emotion
Your rage; your frustration

But i felt delighted
Seeing your focus heightened

After all I was captured in a portrait
When your hands shivered in love & hatred

I wanted to be by your side
I don’t want you to hide

By your hands I was painted
In time i was created

So pick up your brush and paint me again
Believe me you’ll lose all that’s insane

Because i am your passion
Without me you wont find satisfaction.


Picture credit: no rights with me, randomly googled.

The Time


Among the crowd
And the voices so loud
I stood there all alone
Watching them, i was angry and worn

Feeling out of place
I was looking for solace
In the wings of the air that I breathed
In the arms of someone I had forgotten

The noise in my head was too much
Wetness under my eyes was like such
Grief couldn’t describe the passing hour
I was lost and tire

They spoke to me sometimes
But my soul had committed a crime

A crime of freedom
And I asked them
If they wanted some

But what was this feeling
Why wasn’t my scar healing

As if my heart was ripped out
My agony was that loud

But I was ignored
Maybe they were bored

To see the dark sight
That I embraced knowing it isn’t white

But in the end
My wounds did bleed
They cared or not
But at night I still weep.