Young & free


I saw you by the river bank
Looking at you my heart sank
And when you smiled
My mind turned blank
But just to be frank
Your presence is like a big bang
I remember the song you sang
Sitting by the river; on that plank
Writing your wishes; tying a knot to hang
Forget the world & I’ll introduce you to my gang
I’ll take you to a place without a traffic jam
And make for you cheese ham
Is your name Sam?
God what am I doing ? Dam
Lets exchange e-mails and web cam
I guess no, I’ll write you a letter with pen
Oh my god its already ten
So will I see you tomorrow then
I’ll tell you my feelings, i know i can
By the way my name is Ben
I’ve been in love with you
Am not sure since when.



How I lost Jane…


Up the mountain hill
I look up still
Hoping to catch your glance
Though I remember that tragic circumstance

The morning hour
And with our school being so far
We managed to stick together
You promised our friendship would last forever

We’d open our lunch boxes
During the break
You’d have variety
And my favorite, steak

We shared a strong bond
Of you I was familiar and fond

Now the change makes me blue
You knew I had friends so few

So come back to me, Jane
Your friend is going insane
Look I can’t even explain

Now my days are grey
Funny it is I still pray
Though I am lost and astray

Jane , can you still see?
My face has lost its glee
I still sit under our favorite tree

I know I can’t heal
It’s the agony that I feel
After all I am a human
Not a robot made of steel

But now am getting feeble
And my life has become unstable
Don’t say make new friends
I can’t; I am not able

And the day of the crash
In my mind is still so fresh
That I can barely hold
Now I am cold

Let me just end this here
Because my eyes are wet in tears

I’ll miss you Jane
I know i wont see you again….


I stood there with a cup of coffee in my hand
And watched the night go smoky and blank

Cold and chilly
The night smelled of you & that lily
As if you were there
In my arms, I swear.

The quiet in the air
And the silence in my stare
I remembered your face
And your every trace

The sip of coffee
And the smiles as we talked
It was all there in my eyes
But no one to look at it
Oh, my broken ties

The breeze felt light
As I held your hand tight

Never to let you go
Were my very vows

That hour was beautiful
And my life felt more than peaceful

Your presence was my light
And now i despise this very sight

Because without you
Even this coffee isn’t the same
I guess life’s a game

How funny it may seem
But I see you in the beam

Your face,
And i remember your every trace

The moon’s still white
And my room still hopes to see your side

The Lilies are dry
Please don’t ask me why

You know, your presence was my light
And without you everyday is midnight.

A silent night

The sky was blue
When many storms passed through
Silence was heard
Even with spoken words

Quiet & restless
And I saw her go breathless

Fighting through the agony under her skin
But she preferred to bleed away and win

Her eyes had depth
And I knew she wept

Hiding her tears in the crying rain
It was obvious she was covering the pain

How could I have saved her?
What could I have done for her?

Her pain resembled mine
And I wanted her to let go of it & shine

Touch her face & feel her soul
All I wanted was to fill that hole

At one point her eyes met mine
We were on the shadowy street and it was already nine

The showers of the rain kissed her face
And I came closer as she stood there in grace

I ask her if she wanted to walk
She smiled at me & said let’s talk

It was awkward at first
But I guess it was time to quench our silent thirst

Burning like a coal
My heart wanted to ease
She took my hand
And I felt at peace

Long before the night grew dark
She was a stranger I didn’t wanted to part.