..And I followed my heart..

A lonely road I walked,
They were standing there but didn’t talk.

As if silence spoke to me,
And there was nothing left for me.

Words didn’t say a word,
Even silence couldn’t be heard.

I crossed my way,
To unlock a new day.

Knowing the Journey would be hard,
And their wouldn’t be any trump cards.

Cold and hunger grabbed my soul,
Made me feel as if I’d lose my goal.

Faith shook my hand,
When I was drowning under the sand.

Prayers kept me running,
When everything seemed cunning.

The nightfall brought me peace,
But this heart still won’t ease.

It strived for freedom,
Perhaps needed someone.

It said to me many times,
That I want to shine,

Break the rules,
And leave behind all the fools.

The whisper of my heart,
Was an important part,

It made me realize,
That I should follow my heart.



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