Magic in mundane


Lost In space
She sat there imagining a place

Far beyond the skies
where hurt said goodbyes

I saw her sit there alone
As she traveled in time as if already flown

Dusty wind passed through her hair
And she closed her eyes in despair

Parade of memories whispered her ears
And I saw her eyes go wet in tears

Her lips stammered some prayers
Perhaps her life had some torn layers

She was a woman so difficult to read
And I saw her talking to god & plead

I didn’t wanted to intrude
But I was curious & confused

I was a man under her spell;
I wanted to talk to her and tell

Lovers of life were once pained
However, in the end they all gained

Wisdom & knowledge will touch your lips
And their won’t be any more eclipse

So listen to you heart
And leave empty spaces apart

Shake hands with the mighty fate
Because it’s never too late.


A silent night

The sky was blue
When many storms passed through
Silence was heard
Even with spoken words

Quiet & restless
And I saw her go breathless

Fighting through the agony under her skin
But she preferred to bleed away and win

Her eyes had depth
And I knew she wept

Hiding her tears in the crying rain
It was obvious she was covering the pain

How could I have saved her?
What could I have done for her?

Her pain resembled mine
And I wanted her to let go of it & shine

Touch her face & feel her soul
All I wanted was to fill that hole

At one point her eyes met mine
We were on the shadowy street and it was already nine

The showers of the rain kissed her face
And I came closer as she stood there in grace

I ask her if she wanted to walk
She smiled at me & said let’s talk

It was awkward at first
But I guess it was time to quench our silent thirst

Burning like a coal
My heart wanted to ease
She took my hand
And I felt at peace

Long before the night grew dark
She was a stranger I didn’t wanted to part.

The garden in my heart..

The garden in my heart
Grew flowers of you
And they smelled like lilies
oh’ so cute

I watered them with feelings
And took care of them
Night & day

Till they grew red like roses
Until one day they were stolen
And I stood there frozen

I looked for them here and there
Found them no where

I wandered around the streets
And encountered some creeps

They laughed at me
Saying “it’s just feelings’

But I found them in your hands
And I knew we were more than friends

The passing hour.


The sleepless night in thoughts
And teary eyes so deep
Lips stammering with words unheard
Perhaps a prayer
Perhaps the pain
Curled up and folded in her arms
As she laid on the ground
Flash back of her troubles
Cut her through
That even stitches wouldn’t sew
But what could she do
Except living through
Through the rough road of time
Which would someday be left behind
And she wished to think of it
As a day which found its own way.