A lonesome soul.


I was slapped by loneliness
Oh so cruel
Looking for affection
I lost my way,

I found it in none
Neither in them
Nor you,

All my way
I was alone
Thirsty and cold
And no one to hold,

Tears falling
And I was calling

Calling someone by my side
To look at me and
Take my hand.

This feeling of emptiness remained
And I was lost all over again

Heart felt shaken and
Suddenly I found myself broken

Into pieces so small
That the winds carried me further
To a place I knew neither

Where hopes were encouraged
And all burdens were taken away

Where tears expressed feelings
And all they do is healing

It was a place oh so wonderful
Besides it Nothing can be more beautiful

There was something in that place
That made me lose

All the hurt
All the aches
And say goodbye to the nasty pain

And then I realized
I found it all

All the happiness
And all the joy

It was right there
In one prostrate.


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