A cherry blossom tree…


Under cherry blossom tree
I found myself glee,
Waiting for the petals to lift up with breeze
And let my eyes cool with ease.

Under this tree,
I found myself free,

Free of the time,
Singing melody and rhymes.

They passed me by,
Quiet but smiled.

Because under cherry blossom tree,
They could see,
The sparkles in my eyes,
Laughter and no cries.

They felt it too;
The energy under you
Was extraordinary and true.

Memories played on
As I sat and sang along.

The music in my heart
That I’d never want to part.

The good old days,
When I’d sit on a bay.

I’d remember everything
Piece by piece,

Thinking about wonders of my life,
As if I’ve settled for my types.

Oh it’s true I was lost,
Sometimes to the flashes known
And sometimes unknown.

I sat for hours,
Healing my scars.

Because it’s absolutely true
Under cherry blossom tree
I found a key
Unlocking my hidden glee. 😀



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