let it go…


They say time is a bandage
It heals those rusty-wounds,
But why do you cry my love
When he’s there; just look up.

The tear around your eyes,
Tells me a story,
And I know you worry.

Our thoughts are buried beneath the mountain of pain,
And they drive us insane.

They stab our heart,
And we bleed and fall apart.

We cry all night,
But believe me everything’s going to be alright.

Sadness is flown in the form of tears,
Hands shaking with fear,
And it’s hard to bear.

Soon we realize
Life isn’t a gloom
And there will be a time when we shall bloom.

Forget the past
Because the sky is vast,

Take a step forward
And leave what’s backward.

You’ll be like the one amongst many
With problems so many,

Until you follow the lesson of time,
Kick those problems and climb.

Remember, letting go of the worries
Invites the world full of fairies,
Because life isn’t a waste
It’s just different flavors that we taste ……



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