In the midst of being preoccupied with things and not being able to blog that often I did manage to pick up my rusty old paint brush and painted my heart out 🙂 it’s a great feeling actually to be able to do something you can sync your mind, body and soul to. It’s not just painting it could be anything. If you’re havnt felt this feeling before than pick up your paint brush and let the energy flow…

Normally it’s either acrylic or oil but here I went a bit crazy with the pigments. I really like the oils to be honest but I also like the lightness of acrylics for this reason this painting was an amalgamation of oils and acrylics. The background was mainly thick coat of acrylic and then the pop of color to the flowers were oil paints.

P.S – it was for my boss 😉 and he loved it

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