Faith and hope


The night of Ramadan
Was quiet and calm
And I praised him
For his forgiveness each time
The burdens of my heart uplifted
And I could feel myself shifted
Towards the very end
Where veils between his slave were torn
And I was no more worn
My whispers were silent
And I was no more violent
Peace was immense
Life was away from pretense
I couldn’t rely on anyone
From the bottom of my heart just one
His mercy was infinite
I wanted to drown myself in it
I wished we’d leave the worldly pleasures
And I wished we’d see
That our faith in him is the key!!


Trying the trials.


Wondering along the city of thoughts
She came to a point untangling the knots

But the ribbons of problem wouldn’t cut
And her determination was shaken and shut

The frustration in her mind
Played tricks so ugly and not very kind

It took her to a place
Where she found herself blindfolded in the empty space

No one was there
Just the quietness in the air

And she stood their figuring out the way
To the unknown darkness and grey

Her lips were sealed
Like the dusty old chest

And her wounds were deep
That it was impossible to sleep

Such was the chaos
So mean, so evil
But all she wanted was to fly like an eagle

There were mountains with such heights
But her visions were pure and white

How petrifying it was to jump
But she knew she wasn’t born to live in a slump

The hardness of wind hit her face
Breaking every inch of her bones
As if she hit rocks and stones

But what would it be if she never tried
Wouldn’t life be pointless not knowing why she cried??