The mind talk.


I had a piece of paper
And a pencil in my hand
Funny it is but I was totally blank

The thoughts in my mind
Played games
And I kept quiet
Burning my heart into flames

I couldn’t describe what was inside
As if thousand years my eyes had cried.

But something did bother
Maybe a forgotten memory
Coming back to me
Like a tragedy

And I wanted to run
Miles from it
But all I did was sit
Fading every sec, every bit

I don’t know why
But my tears were now dry

Trapped inside my own body
I was starting to get suffocated
And everything, everyone
I hated

I wanted to be left alone

Around people
I wasn’t able to settle
Perhaps I was fighting
My own battle

But could they even comprehend
That they were being consumed
With lies & pretense
And nothing made sense

Nor the talk
Neither the time on the clock

But I still waited for the day
When prayers would come alive
And all that heartache was worth the fight