An invisible bond.


There are things I can’t describe,
But you should know
Without you I won’t survive
I’d die
And this isn’t a lie
I can’t imagine you saying goodbye
I’ll be good; I promise I’ll try
Imagining you gone makes me cry
My life would be like an autumn leaf
So dry
This is a test I know
But I still question why?
I want to be under your shade
I am not ready to fly
This world is cruel
And the sky is up high
I know you have been broken
And I am sorry because I did pry
But I want to let you know
You’ll always be in my heart
Even after death do us apart…


Young & free


I saw you by the river bank
Looking at you my heart sank
And when you smiled
My mind turned blank
But just to be frank
Your presence is like a big bang
I remember the song you sang
Sitting by the river; on that plank
Writing your wishes; tying a knot to hang
Forget the world & I’ll introduce you to my gang
I’ll take you to a place without a traffic jam
And make for you cheese ham
Is your name Sam?
God what am I doing ? Dam
Lets exchange e-mails and web cam
I guess no, I’ll write you a letter with pen
Oh my god its already ten
So will I see you tomorrow then
I’ll tell you my feelings, i know i can
By the way my name is Ben
I’ve been in love with you
Am not sure since when.



Painting never fails to surprise me no matter how many times i do it. Each stroke of brush is special and each time i paint its magical. Its a great way to relax the inner chaos and give your mind a rest from  everyday hustle & bustle.. So here i have painted a place i called home ie United Arab emirates,Dubai.

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I was fallen for the mystery in her
And I lost my mind in a stir

There was something in her air
That I couldn’t stop myself to stare

The way her hands moved
Playing music in the groove

And the way she’d look
When I’d read a book

And the way she’d smile
Talking all the little while

But why did I fall for you
When we had chances so few

I couldn’t undo the hour
I couldn’t imagine you being far

I couldn’t erase this feeling
As if my heart was already stolen

So why did I fall for you
When we had chances so few…

Rhythm of love

Looking at you;

                I saw freedom
                For years I’ve been caged in my kingdom
                Suddenly I wanted to steal you away & run
                Would you wait for me & come?
 But the boundaries;

                Were such
                That our closure was tough
                All I could think of was your touch
 It was like;       

                A dream
                For so long I have screamed
                Bottled up my emotions away from the beam
                We had a chemistry, it seemed

And when you came;

                Things started to feel different
                I was alive & you were brilliant.
 But was it; 

                To look for pieces of me in your fate 
                And acting on my impulses in haste                                                       
 And they say;

                I will regret
                That rainy day; the kiss; I can’t forget.           
 So let me embrace;

                You in my arms
                If I kiss you again, don't be alarmed
 Because it doesn’t matter;

                What comes next
                I know its complex 
 But being with you;

                I found salvation
                It was not an ordinary relation...         


The Woman in blue


It was late at night
And i stood by the window
Watching a beautiful sight

A woman dressed in blue
A beauty so fresh like a morning dew
And I watched her carefully
Although she had no clue

She passed by the street every night
And my heart did beat faster than the moving light

I don’t know why
But she seemed a bit shy

If i knew her well
I am in love, I’d tell

Looking into her eyes
How can one say goodbyes

They were deep
That night I didn’t sleep
Funny it is that now i weep

Sitting in the empty room
I look at your bedside in gloom

The closet smells of you
And the perfume you wore has drops so few

I guess I knew you well
Do you know living without you is a living hell?

Now I wait for you every night
Wishing you’d hold my hand tight

But this emptiness doesn’t let me forget
Loving you wasn’t my regret

You got to know me right?
And i confessed my love in that moon light

But now you’re gone
And my life seems long

The flowers on the grave will never dry
I’ll remain your lover
But I can’t help but cry…