Moving forward..


I was a pebble in a pond
Fishes and I had a bond.

I thought I was ugly and round,
But I heard stories that happened above the ground,

They said days were blue,
Lips moved but the words weren’t true.

Laughter was a way,
What was in their heart’s they didn’t say.

But my curious self couldn’t resist,
So what if i had a wish-list

I rolled in circles day after day,
I saw my goals turn grey.

But the waves were my friends,
They told me all about the upcoming trends.

I absorbed what I could ,
Believe in yourself, I should.

I tried and failed,
I took journeys and sailed.

Many times I reached a dead end,
But it wasn’t the time to bend.

So I trusted and let it all go,
And saw my energy flow.

By now i looked rough but still round,
But finally I reached the notorious grounds.

The land called me a rock,
Useless and heavy block,

I was pressurised by such thoughts,
I wasn’t easy so I fought,

I fell and broke ,
But in knowledge I soak.

Break open and I wondered if i could survive,
But my attitude was to strive.

In darkness i found a light,
I heard them say ‘ we found a diamond so white ‘..

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