The Woman in blue


It was late at night
And i stood by the window
Watching a beautiful sight

A woman dressed in blue
A beauty so fresh like a morning dew
And I watched her carefully
Although she had no clue

She passed by the street every night
And my heart did beat faster than the moving light

I don’t know why
But she seemed a bit shy

If i knew her well
I am in love, I’d tell

Looking into her eyes
How can one say goodbyes

They were deep
That night I didn’t sleep
Funny it is that now i weep

Sitting in the empty room
I look at your bedside in gloom

The closet smells of you
And the perfume you wore has drops so few

I guess I knew you well
Do you know living without you is a living hell?

Now I wait for you every night
Wishing you’d hold my hand tight

But this emptiness doesn’t let me forget
Loving you wasn’t my regret

You got to know me right?
And i confessed my love in that moon light

But now you’re gone
And my life seems long

The flowers on the grave will never dry
I’ll remain your lover
But I can’t help but cry…



A Journey …


Expectation is like a dream
You end up with tears of stream
And a broken heart in your hand
That turns away to sand

Why can’t we let go
And let ourselves show
That the world is round
Good thing will come around

Aren’t we a hurting soul
Hiding in a hole
Afraid of our demon to show
Thinking that they’d win & we’d bow

Who says torment will come to an end
All we need to do is blend
And hold each others hand
To find the beat like a music band

Because life is never plain
You know its like a moving train
You fall down hard
What to do, their isn’t a magic card

Getting up is key
Don’t you want to be free
Just look closer & you’ll see

Pages of the book aren’t torn
Please don’t be worn
The light is somewhere out there
I have seen it; I swear

All you need to do is move along
And one day you’ll find a place
Where you’d belong.

A fallen star


Fallen from the sky
I was a star so shy
Bright and bubbly
like a delicate Lilly

Just like the colors of rainbow
I put on a show
All gazes were on me
And their smiles as beautiful as the sea

But one stormy night
Stole away my light
It took from me my fire
I wish to go back, Its my desire

Lying on the ground
I am a star to be found
Fallen from the sky
But my place is still up high

I will not accept defeat
Don’t you know a star’s heat
It will burn you in a touch
My star dust is like such

I will shine brighter than the moon
Stormy night you’ll see this soon
Because I won’t give up the try
Although I have fallen from the sky

One day I’ll reach my place
There is no point in haste
I accept life’s bitter taste
But nothing’s a waste

Fallen from the sky
I am not afraid to die…

…..days of our lives.


It seemed like the years were long
I was a melody of a sad song
And i asked myself
Just what went wrong?

The journey came to halt
Who was at fault?
And Why did I shed streams of salt?

Discouraged & disappointed
I lied down to bed every night
Asking myself why couldn’t I fight?
Why wasn’t my burden light?

As if stuck in a maze
I was desperately looking for a way
Trying hard to hold
But I went cold

Lost in time
It was painful at first
Like a constant thirst
Sliding its way up my throat
As if I was drowning in a boat

Couldn’t breathe
I couldn’t drown
What was going around?

Prayers were on my lips
Freedom was on my finger tips
But it wasn’t easy at all
I was scared to fall.

It took a lot of courage
It was a necessary breakage
Because to let go brought peace
I was tired but at ease.