As I thought under moonlight

Dreaming_by_Sugargrl14As the moon shines tonight
I see you up in the sky
Waving at me far beyond the light
Like a shooting star

I close my eyes and imagination strikes
Theirs beauty in dreams
Theirs beauty in hope

I’ll wait for you good times
You‘ll come to me soon
There is no fun in haste
And so it becomes a waste

Hard work is the road
No matter how much the load
It will pay off one day
It will pay off they say

I am so small
And the world is big
So what I say
When I smile and lay

Time is running
And it tick tock
And it tick tock

But my life is in the hands of my creator
And he knows it best
No matter how hard the test.


A start to a new beginning


New year’s coming up and what better way to start then to have a fresh blog of my own. I don’t have any New years resolution as such just that i want to do better at everything i do. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned but i think that’s absolutely fine; after all that’s what life is about.

I am actually quite excited about having a blog although i am not a big writer as such but i guess i can do better. I have tons to share which will actually be a good thing since it will be a challenge for me to keep up with my blog rather than write down my thought in some old boring note pad in my tablet which i do a lot :/
Anyways that’s all i can come up with. I wish everyone good luck and happy new year 😀