Illusion of false reality.


Along the worldly attachments,
With hearts so black,
Difficult it becomes to bring life on track
Sadly it’s the faith we lack.

If only here-after was our goal
We would have the purest of soul
Life would be better & whole

But what takes us away,
Do we realize?
It’s our paradise we jeopardize

Don’t we have limited time ?
So who do you think
Would answer for our crimes?

Like an ordinary man
We’ll be buried under the ground
We won’t hear anything nor a sound
Only darkness would hound

Wont it be nice to wake-up from a dream
Face reality because in it lies a gleam.
Knowing the unseen, we’d only scream

The attachment of this life is a lie
We’d only hurt ourselves & cry.


Some days…


In the darkest of hours
When all hopes have gone far
In the midst of chaos
When moments seems to have paused
At the time of agony
When life seems worse than a tragedy
During the ups and the downs
When all I do is frown
When the tears in my eyes
Are the reason for the lies
When the hurt hits so hard
When I finally fall apart
I remember you  o lord
Without you my existence would be lost…

Faith and hope


The night of Ramadan
Was quiet and calm
And I praised him
For his forgiveness each time
The burdens of my heart uplifted
And I could feel myself shifted
Towards the very end
Where veils between his slave were torn
And I was no more worn
My whispers were silent
And I was no more violent
Peace was immense
Life was away from pretense
I couldn’t rely on anyone
From the bottom of my heart just one
His mercy was infinite
I wanted to drown myself in it
I wished we’d leave the worldly pleasures
And I wished we’d see
That our faith in him is the key!!