Project 2: Painting; U.A.E – Culture and development.

Project 2:  U.A.E – Culture and development.
This was again done for my sisters class. Her topic was social studies so i came up with this idea. This was around 54 inch chart on which i first sketched out the idea and then painted using water and acrylic paints.

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…in the rose garden

In the garden of roses
Caught by the sight of pure bliss
I saw her watering life
And asked myself
Was I in paradise?

The color of her skin
like the jewels that one would commit a sin
And so I wanted to win
Her heart like a Hero
In movies & films

But to be honest
I preferred watching her from far
Somewhat I was petrified to break open
The pieces of my heart in a jar
Because I still had some visible scars

Even then I wanted to talk
I wasn’t someone who’d stalk
She had the key to my heart’s lock
But my mind was in a state of block

Couldn’t think except her smile
I haven’t felt anything like this in a while
It looked like over was my trial
Her number was in my phone book
But I never had the courage to dial

So should I step forward?
Or take a step backwards
Because it’s my heart that hurts

Couldn’t figure out why
The pain made me laugh & not cry
These are my feelings, it’s no lie

In the garden of roses
Caught by the sight of pure bliss
It was her that I wanted to kiss…






Painting never fails to surprise me no matter how many times i do it. Each stroke of brush is special and each time i paint its magical. Its a great way to relax the inner chaos and give your mind a rest from  everyday hustle & bustle.. So here i have painted a place i called home ie United Arab emirates,Dubai.

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Educational artwork

Its been a while since i posted something on WordPress, Fortunately i had some free time in my hands so instead of usual piece of poetry i decided i should post something which i do as a hobby. Yes, its Painting. I am not a professional painter although i wish i was lol. So these are some of the educational artwork which i decided to paint for my college class. All of them are inspired by general pictures i searched on google. They are all done in water paints. hope everyone likes it 😉

…and i still wonder.

We were lovers; 

               On the beach
               Eating oranges and peach
               In each others arms and reach
So what went wrong;

               That you stopped holding my hand
               Going to the beach or playing with sand
               And moved to another land

But do you know;

               I am still your lover
               I blossomed with you like a flower 
               But you took her to see Eiffel tower

And I cried; 

               That night
               It was an awful sight
               But I remembered when you held my hand tight

So what went wrong;

               That I've become a sad song
               Yet its been so long
               Now am asking myself where I belong

But do you still care;

               I guess I don't know
               Why you went so low?
               Because of you I've lost my glow

So will I ever know;

               That what went wrong
               now i am tired & not strong
               But you'll stay in my heart lifelong....