Project 2: Painting; U.A.E – Culture and development.

Project 2: ย U.A.E – Culture and development.
This was again done for my sisters class. Her topic was social studies so i came up with this idea. This was around 54 inch chart on which i first sketched out the idea and then painted using water and acrylic paints.

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Lotus in bloom…

The flower lotus has always been very fascinating to me. The fact that it grows in water is very cool. Unfortunately i have never actually seen a live lotus in person ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but since i love it i decided to paint it ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

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An autumn walk…..

….and would you ever give up doing what brings joy? Never! isn’t it right? So just like that i decided to paint something simple and natural. I like to call this an autumn walk…. i like using bright colors but i think i am very much drawn to dark colors like black in particular, maybe because its such a versatile color to work with in terms of adding depth to a portrait.ย 

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Painting never fails to surprise me no matter how many times i do it. Each stroke of brush is special and each time i paint its magical. Its a great way to relax the inner chaos and give your mind a rest from ย everyday hustle & bustle.. So here i have painted a place i called home ie United Arab emirates,Dubai.

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