The Time


Among the crowd
And the voices so loud
I stood there all alone
Watching them, i was angry and worn

Feeling out of place
I was looking for solace
In the wings of the air that I breathed
In the arms of someone I had forgotten

The noise in my head was too much
Wetness under my eyes was like such
Grief couldn’t describe the passing hour
I was lost and tire

They spoke to me sometimes
But my soul had committed a crime

A crime of freedom
And I asked them
If they wanted some

But what was this feeling
Why wasn’t my scar healing

As if my heart was ripped out
My agony was that loud

But I was ignored
Maybe they were bored

To see the dark sight
That I embraced knowing it isn’t white

But in the end
My wounds did bleed
They cared or not
But at night I still weep.


A Journey …


Expectation is like a dream
You end up with tears of stream
And a broken heart in your hand
That turns away to sand

Why can’t we let go
And let ourselves show
That the world is round
Good thing will come around

Aren’t we a hurting soul
Hiding in a hole
Afraid of our demon to show
Thinking that they’d win & we’d bow

Who says torment will come to an end
All we need to do is blend
And hold each others hand
To find the beat like a music band

Because life is never plain
You know its like a moving train
You fall down hard
What to do, their isn’t a magic card

Getting up is key
Don’t you want to be free
Just look closer & you’ll see

Pages of the book aren’t torn
Please don’t be worn
The light is somewhere out there
I have seen it; I swear

All you need to do is move along
And one day you’ll find a place
Where you’d belong.

…..days of our lives.


It seemed like the years were long
I was a melody of a sad song
And i asked myself
Just what went wrong?

The journey came to halt
Who was at fault?
And Why did I shed streams of salt?

Discouraged & disappointed
I lied down to bed every night
Asking myself why couldn’t I fight?
Why wasn’t my burden light?

As if stuck in a maze
I was desperately looking for a way
Trying hard to hold
But I went cold

Lost in time
It was painful at first
Like a constant thirst
Sliding its way up my throat
As if I was drowning in a boat

Couldn’t breathe
I couldn’t drown
What was going around?

Prayers were on my lips
Freedom was on my finger tips
But it wasn’t easy at all
I was scared to fall.

It took a lot of courage
It was a necessary breakage
Because to let go brought peace
I was tired but at ease.

A silent night

The sky was blue
When many storms passed through
Silence was heard
Even with spoken words

Quiet & restless
And I saw her go breathless

Fighting through the agony under her skin
But she preferred to bleed away and win

Her eyes had depth
And I knew she wept

Hiding her tears in the crying rain
It was obvious she was covering the pain

How could I have saved her?
What could I have done for her?

Her pain resembled mine
And I wanted her to let go of it & shine

Touch her face & feel her soul
All I wanted was to fill that hole

At one point her eyes met mine
We were on the shadowy street and it was already nine

The showers of the rain kissed her face
And I came closer as she stood there in grace

I ask her if she wanted to walk
She smiled at me & said let’s talk

It was awkward at first
But I guess it was time to quench our silent thirst

Burning like a coal
My heart wanted to ease
She took my hand
And I felt at peace

Long before the night grew dark
She was a stranger I didn’t wanted to part.

Thirsty for love.


Thirsty for love
She looked here and there

One step further
And she paused

Hunger emerged painfully
But she stood there carefully

Wind blowing through her hair
Her eyes closed waiting for someone to care

A bit empty she was
A bit hollow perhaps

Her face had a story
And eyes so melancholy

Like the deep oceans of hurt
Like the deep rivers of blood

Flowing through the dark shadows
Even at night

Wrapped up in her arms
She was scared

So cold
So pale

But her quiet lips spoke
Tragedy of the days

When her heart was taken away
By the ruthlessness of them

She learn to hate
Blackness was enough

But even then she remained
Thirsty for love

A Pouring heart

Under the state of nowhere
At times, I find myself writing

Violent thoughts and
Happy ones

Flows of words matter not
It’s my heart pouring out

Pen stops
And I wait

For a reason to go on
For my existence to carry on

I am empty
And sometimes so shallow

Like the cup that seems full
Yet it’s not

Vague feelings
And when it’s hard to make out things

I remember to pause
And listen

Because it’s all there in the heart
I just need to hold and
Think hard.