Project 2: Painting; U.A.E – Culture and development.

Project 2:  U.A.E – Culture and development.
This was again done for my sisters class. Her topic was social studies so i came up with this idea. This was around 54 inch chart on which i first sketched out the idea and then painted using water and acrylic paints.

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Arts & Craft Project: Classroom Activity

So i was given this project to do by my sister who is a primary teacher and apparently she was given a classroom activity to do for the coming year as summer theme. Well now since she has zero art skills 😛 so i was obliged to help her decorate her class for the coming session 🙂 .Well since it was for primary grade it had to be vibrant and catchy.  So I came up with some ideas for the class mainly as beach party scene as you can see below. It wasn’t so easy but i surely enjoyed doing this work. The display board was 196 inches so i had to actually measure out and create art work based on that. I made some sand and water displays which would fit behind the actually art but unfortunately it was too big so i couldn’t fit it in the album as of now.  I wish i could see the final display board but i guess ill have to wait for that; but as of now i tried to map out some things as in how it should be displayed. I hope its good enough for the supervisors to like it   🙂 & i hope you all like it too 😉


Educational artwork

Its been a while since i posted something on WordPress, Fortunately i had some free time in my hands so instead of usual piece of poetry i decided i should post something which i do as a hobby. Yes, its Painting. I am not a professional painter although i wish i was lol. So these are some of the educational artwork which i decided to paint for my college class. All of them are inspired by general pictures i searched on google. They are all done in water paints. hope everyone likes it 😉

Cooking enthusiast!

kitchen-clipart-15When it comes to cooking most people find it a drag; two of my sisters do :P.I mean who wants to come after work and straight away go in the kitchen and feel the heat. Well, even I am that way at times but I don’t hate cooking 😀

In fact I think I have developed a liking towards cooking. I mean I enjoy preparing dishes for my loved ones and get praises ;). Not that I am a cooking expert or something but I enjoy getting my hands dirty once in a while 😉

I think Chinese food is delicious especially Szechuan Chicken which by the way I have cooked many times now and I think it’s the easiest. At-least I think I nailed it because my sister ate it all 😀

I think love for food comes to everyone naturally after all who doesn’t like eating delicious food but to me cooking can be great enjoyment. Ofcourse everyone has different interests and some people can be great at cooking while others can rock in different topics

I like experimenting with food. I think there is no one recipe to a particular dish. Everyone has their own beautiful recipe. I think that’s what makes food more delicious because we get to try the same dish in many different flavors. My taste palette is personally salty and spicy food. However, I like trying out different food also for instance i tired Egyptian dish called Koshary once and thought it was quite different compared to what i usually eat but i think it was great so ofcourse i had to Google the recipe and give it a shot 😉

well that’s what i ended up with 😉

Everything requires hard work and effort and I guess so does cooking. Cooking your meals halfheartedly just to feed an empty stomach won’t do justice to our food. I think we should put as much love into our food as we do with other things because believe me hard work always pays off 😀