Sunset or sunrise?

So this is random painting i did only because i wanted to try out my new watercolor pad which i recently bought. I tried and tested it; it was great. I never knew their was a different paper used specifically for watercolor painting :O well i guess we learn something new everyday huh. So as…

Myanmar’s Rohingya.

O’ people of Rohingya, You’re the fallen heroes; You’re like those tiny seeds That will grow. The tables will turn, No more will the ashes burn, So strengthen your faith, If they want they can hate. Fear them not; They will be caught, In the court of the greatest, Under the light of the fairest….

Kitchen Art

I finally decided that i should try my hand on canvas after all I always wanted to; and what better way to start by painting for a friend who wanted to decorate her kitchen. Here i used a small 20×20 cm canvas (pure cotton). The art is personalized according to her taste of course. She…

A summer day.

The afternoon of a summer day, With wind blowing towards the bay She’d walk miles and away Watching the clouds as they turn grey The sweat on her forehead, As she walks with small footsteps Pondering about her existence Asking why life is a pretense? Not knowing what to expect Its the hard work she…

The colors of life

Sunset or sunrise both are breathtakingly  beautiful isn’t ? Nature in itself is whole.. perfection. And on a piece of paper it can still bring out the most though my art skills are no where perfect 😛 but when the colors meet magic happens. #acrylic

The shadows

I love watching colors mix with each other. Its beautiful. This is another piece i did just to have fun and enjoy the colors of the sky.

The view

No matter how many times you paint, it makes you fall in love with it all over again. This is just another of my acrylic painting i did few months back. Nothing extraordinary just my hobby to play with colors. #Acrylic  

Black hole

Morning to noon I asked the night to come soon To rest my agonizing soul, Inside me was a burning coal. Never did i notice my heart was torn into pieces, Mending it would only break That’s why I wanted someone to take. And throw it in the lake But it came to me every…

Terramundi Money Pot painting

So I did this project of painting terramundi money pots few months back for friends and family. It was something different from what i usually do (which is good).I used acrylic paints and oil paints. My love for keeping a money pot was revived once again although i didn’t really  put an effort to save…

Year 2017.

Its been a while since i posted anything on my beloved blog. I am guilty and i want to make up for this. Days passed quickly and year 2016 ended without me realizing. I had stuff to share yet i delayed on it and they pilled on in my cell phone. I’ll be posting at…