How I lost Jane…


Up the mountain hill
I look up still
Hoping to catch your glance
Though I remember that tragic circumstance

The morning hour
And with our school being so far
We managed to stick together
You promised our friendship would last forever

We’d open our lunch boxes
During the break
You’d have variety
And my favorite, steak

We shared a strong bond
Of you I was familiar and fond

Now the change makes me blue
You knew I had friends so few

So come back to me, Jane
Your friend is going insane
Look I can’t even explain

Now my days are grey
Funny it is I still pray
Though I am lost and astray

Jane , can you still see?
My face has lost its glee
I still sit under our favorite tree

I know I can’t heal
It’s the agony that I feel
After all I am a human
Not a robot made of steel

But now am getting feeble
And my life has become unstable
Don’t say make new friends
I can’t; I am not able

And the day of the crash
In my mind is still so fresh
That I can barely hold
Now I am cold

Let me just end this here
Because my eyes are wet in tears

I’ll miss you Jane
I know i wont see you again….

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