The Woman in blue


It was late at night
And i stood by the window
Watching a beautiful sight

A woman dressed in blue
A beauty so fresh like a morning dew
And I watched her carefully
Although she had no clue

She passed by the street every night
And my heart did beat faster than the moving light

I don’t know why
But she seemed a bit shy

If i knew her well
I am in love, I’d tell

Looking into her eyes
How can one say goodbyes

They were deep
That night I didn’t sleep
Funny it is that now i weep

Sitting in the empty room
I look at your bedside in gloom

The closet smells of you
And the perfume you wore has drops so few

I guess I knew you well
Do you know living without you is a living hell?

Now I wait for you every night
Wishing you’d hold my hand tight

But this emptiness doesn’t let me forget
Loving you wasn’t my regret

You got to know me right?
And i confessed my love in that moon light

But now you’re gone
And my life seems long

The flowers on the grave will never dry
I’ll remain your lover
But I can’t help but cry…



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