A Journey …


Expectation is like a dream
You end up with tears of stream
And a broken heart in your hand
That turns away to sand

Why can’t we let go
And let ourselves show
That the world is round
Good thing will come around

Aren’t we a hurting soul
Hiding in a hole
Afraid of our demon to show
Thinking that they’d win & we’d bow

Who says torment will come to an end
All we need to do is blend
And hold each others hand
To find the beat like a music band

Because life is never plain
You know its like a moving train
You fall down hard
What to do, their isn’t a magic card

Getting up is key
Don’t you want to be free
Just look closer & you’ll see

Pages of the book aren’t torn
Please don’t be worn
The light is somewhere out there
I have seen it; I swear

All you need to do is move along
And one day you’ll find a place
Where you’d belong.


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