A fallen star


Fallen from the sky
I was a star so shy
Bright and bubbly
like a delicate Lilly

Just like the colors of rainbow
I put on a show
All gazes were on me
And their smiles as beautiful as the sea

But one stormy night
Stole away my light
It took from me my fire
I wish to go back, Its my desire

Lying on the ground
I am a star to be found
Fallen from the sky
But my place is still up high

I will not accept defeat
Don’t you know a star’s heat
It will burn you in a touch
My star dust is like such

I will shine brighter than the moon
Stormy night you’ll see this soon
Because I won’t give up the try
Although I have fallen from the sky

One day I’ll reach my place
There is no point in haste
I accept life’s bitter taste
But nothing’s a waste

Fallen from the sky
I am not afraid to die…


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