…..days of our lives.


It seemed like the years were long
I was a melody of a sad song
And i asked myself
Just what went wrong?

The journey came to halt
Who was at fault?
And Why did I shed streams of salt?

Discouraged & disappointed
I lied down to bed every night
Asking myself why couldn’t I fight?
Why wasn’t my burden light?

As if stuck in a maze
I was desperately looking for a way
Trying hard to hold
But I went cold

Lost in time
It was painful at first
Like a constant thirst
Sliding its way up my throat
As if I was drowning in a boat

Couldn’t breathe
I couldn’t drown
What was going around?

Prayers were on my lips
Freedom was on my finger tips
But it wasn’t easy at all
I was scared to fall.

It took a lot of courage
It was a necessary breakage
Because to let go brought peace
I was tired but at ease.


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