A silent night

The sky was blue
When many storms passed through
Silence was heard
Even with spoken words

Quiet & restless
And I saw her go breathless

Fighting through the agony under her skin
But she preferred to bleed away and win

Her eyes had depth
And I knew she wept

Hiding her tears in the crying rain
It was obvious she was covering the pain

How could I have saved her?
What could I have done for her?

Her pain resembled mine
And I wanted her to let go of it & shine

Touch her face & feel her soul
All I wanted was to fill that hole

At one point her eyes met mine
We were on the shadowy street and it was already nine

The showers of the rain kissed her face
And I came closer as she stood there in grace

I ask her if she wanted to walk
She smiled at me & said let’s talk

It was awkward at first
But I guess it was time to quench our silent thirst

Burning like a coal
My heart wanted to ease
She took my hand
And I felt at peace

Long before the night grew dark
She was a stranger I didn’t wanted to part.


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